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Linda Cot­ter, owner of Zoza, LLC and founder of Delight­ful Pur­pose, pas­sion­ately works with those who feel they have not yet embraced the full essence of their life pur­pose using her unique and cre­ative approach to get­ting past the blocks and mov­ing forward.

Her goal is to empower oth­ers. Draw­ing on her life­long study of art and con­scious­ness as well as her expe­ri­ence with men­tors who have inspired her, she cre­ates a safe and nur­tur­ing envi­ron­ment for those who wish to explore the art of cre­at­ing their lives con­sciously. Her exu­ber­ant energy is infec­tious and inspires oth­ers to draw on their own inner gifts.

Over the years, she has trained and moti­vated busi­ness groups, taught art to chil­dren and facil­i­tated cre­ative work­shops. She has a broad base of expe­ri­ence in both the cor­po­rate and cre­ative worlds.

Linda is a pho­tog­ra­pher with a keen eye for com­po­si­tion and color. She has the abil­ity to cap­ture the energy and light of ordi­nary things in the beauty of a moment — to see unique moments in the human expe­ri­ence and the nat­ural world. She enjoys these inti­mate encoun­ters and brings the same spirit and energy to her Delight­ful Pur­pose programs.

Linda Chollar
I believe Linda has the gift of a vision­ary. She opens hearts to pos­si­bil­i­ties and poten­tial. She inspires with a con­ta­gious desire to bring out the co-creator in each of us. Linda’s exper­tise is in tak­ing some­one by the hand and say­ing, “you can do it!” with­out telling them what to do. She leads and holds a space for oth­ers to dis­cover their own artis­tic essence through which they can mold their own real­ity, their own visions.

Linda Chol­lar
Busi­ness Coach/Educator

My Gift to You

Stop. Think. Be Inspired.

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